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THE LIST | Links of InterestWhat is "The List?" July 2000
Most of you may have had or are having trouble with your over-flowing list of "Internet Bookmarks," or "favorites" [for you windows users]

Trying to keep bookmarks organized can be frustrating — I know — I know several people that have over 1000 website bookmarks in their browser: one has them organized and the other does not; either way they can only access them when they are on their own computer.

Well I remedied my problem in July of 2000 by creating a series of web pages — these pages — that organize my Internet Links into categories with information about the link.  I no longer struggle through the exhaustive bookmarks list of places that I did not know I had links to, that were outdated, or I never visited.

Best of all, not only do I have access to them anywhere in the world, but so does everyone else, and my web browser's are now uncluttered.